Did you know Portland was the first city in the U.S. to host a car-sharing organization? We conducted the research that concluded car-sharing would be a hit in our city — research that contributed the City’s decision to fund the successful pilot now known as Zipcar.

Turning social and behavioral research into action for you

Universities have always represented hotbeds of activism; today, administrators and students are embracing energy efficiency. Our evaluations of programs and pilots, including development of experimental designs to test outcomes, are helping program administers make the most of these efforts.

Responsibly affecting behavior change

Energy efficiency delivers comfort and local jobs — a win for quality of life and economic development. As part of our evaluation of the Better Buildings Neighborhood Program, funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, we identified what really works in residential upgrade programs.

Helping you better understand, reach, and serve customers

It’s tough to change behavior

That’s why we help you understand why — not just how — people act. We tailor our market research and evaluation services to your goals and objectives, providing actionable insights about audiences, markets, and processes, so you can make informed decisions, address obstacles head-on, and affect lasting change.

Our Focus

We are committed to increasing the responsible use of energy and natural resources throughout the nation and the world.

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