• Turning social and behavioral research into action for you

  • Helping you engage people, businesses, and communities

  • Informing the future of clean energy

Tell us what you need to know.

As a market research and evaluation firm,  we empower utilities, nonprofits, public organizations, and technology companies with the tailored analysis and insights they need to deliver effective, lasting clean energy services, programs, and products.

Our Focus

We examine clean energy through the lens of social and behavioral science to help you optimize programs and services,
engage your customers, and advance new technologies.


Explore the potential of emerging technologies. Which energy-efficient devices have the most potential to save energy? What is the secret to effective demand response programs? What’s on the horizon for renewables?


Discover what makes your customers tick. Who are they? How do they think and make decisions? What will drive them to change their energy-related behaviors?


Explore the brave new world of advanced transportation. How are electric vehicles transforming the clean technology sector? How will your customers respond to new transportation services? What will it take to grow the market?

Our Work

We have conducted more than 500 projects for clients in the clean energy, spanning all key market sectors, target audiences, and regions.
Here are just a few examples from our portfolio.