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Research Into Action president Jane Peters and her spouse, Marjorie McRae, model energy efficiency and renewable energy in their home near the Research Into Action office, giving them first-hand experience with challenges your customers face. They thoroughly insulated and weatherized the 1920s bungalow then installed an efficient gas furnace, ENERGY STAR appliances and lighting fixtures, a passive solar sunspace, photovoltaic-assisted solar water heating system and a 2.2-kW photovoltaic system.

As a result, the couple uses just 10 kilowatt hours per day! That’s 50% less than the average Portland home of similar size.

The home was featured in the 2007-2008 Green+Solar Building Oregon Magazine (p. 64-65). Jane also delivers presentations about her home to Research Into Action staff and community and faith groups.

What You Can Do In Your Own Home

Before You Buy

Consider your lifestyle—the one thing everyone can do for the planet.

Attend solar and green home tours.

Read about energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Monitor Energy Use

Watch your bill.

Record use directly from your meter.

Purchase and use a kill-a-watt meter.

Purchase and use a BlueLine Monitor.

Water Use

Lower hot water temp to 115º or 120º.

Low flow faucets and shower heads

Do full loads of laundry and dishes.

Sun dry clothes and air dry dishes.

Energy Saving

Turn off unused lights, computers, small appliances.

Let the sun in during the winter and block it out in the summer.

Lower heating temp (68º) and increase cooling temps (80º).