Research Into Action provides market research and evaluation services to affect behavior change and promote
the development and adoption of clean energy programs, services and products.

Market Research

Customer Discovery and Segmentation

Identify and define your target audiences.

Customer Journey Mapping

Learn why, how, and where your customers learn and make decisions, from awareness to long-term engagement.

Market Characterization

Define, explore, and reach your target markets.

Customer Engagement

Test messaging frameworks to better reach and serve your customers.

Behavior Change

Experimental Design

Design and implement rigorous, systematic experiments to test your hypotheses and approaches in the real world.

Behavioral Program Evaluation and Attribution

Build experiments directly into your pilot, program, and campaign design to test assumptions and identify what works.

Behavior Reporting and Tracking

Find out if, how, and why your product, program, or campaign may be affecting behavior change.

Marketing Effectiveness

Assess the success of customer engagement and behavior change campaign strategies and tactics.


Process Evaluation

Assess program operations, implementation, and delivery.

Organizational Assessment

Examine internal processes and procedures that affect organizational performance.

Continuous Improvement and Tracking

Remain agile and responsive to market evolution.

Impacts and Outcomes

Measure the effectiveness of and response to programs, services, and products.



Participate in guided working groups, discussions, and meetings to inform decisions, achieve consensus, and chart strategies.

Program Theory and Logic Models

Explore and document the theory and assumptions underlying your program.

Evaluability Assessment

Ensure your program and services can be evaluated efficiently and effectively.

Benchmarking and Best Practices

Define success and develop planning tools for next generation clean technology programs, services, and products.