Research that is both accurate and insightful calls for something more than a cookie cutter approach. Every client – and every project – is unique. We draw from a variety of tools and techniques to tailor our approach to your specific needs and achieve desired outcomes.

What We Do


Getting to know the project, begins by getting to know you. From project kick-off to the final report, we will work collaboratively with you, prioritizing ongoing communication, efficiency, and quality assurance.


We have experience in the full array of data collection methods, allowing us to design our research to suit the unique needs and objectives of your project.


Our staff have expertise in a range of advanced data analysis techniques.

How We Do It

We Collaborate

We work with you to accommodate the unique characteristics of your projects. We design systematic research processes to meet the evidence requirements, and we analyze and address relevant market opportunities and barriers, ensuring we successfully gather the right data and provide effective, actionable solutions.

We Listen

We value your time and priorities and those of your customers. Customer experience is of the utmost importance, and our researchers strive to be effective and thorough, though never intrusive.

We Act Strategically

Gathering data and information effectively depends not only on the questions you ask, but also on how you ask them. We craft our inquiries with care and consider the best medium for achieving desired results, from mystery shopping, in-depth interviews, surveys, and focus groups to digital platforms.

We Tell Stories

Data are only as valuable as the stories they tell. Once we’ve combed through the resources, asked the questions, and done the analysis, we craft a complete narrative to help you interpret and apply the research.

Why We Do It

We believe in the power of research to transform our relationship with the environment. On the surface, we gather data on people, energy, and the environment. What we actually do is contribute one project at a time to a more beautiful, sustainable place to live and play, now and for generations to come.