As the #1 Best Green Workplace in Oregon, Research Into Action hosted 13 professionals from the Republic of Korea this October. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) introduces international professionals to American culture and businesses.

The IVLP is a prestigious exchange program, sponsoring more than 5,000 visitors to U.S. each year. Exchange participants are nominated and selected by U.S. Ambassador staff in their home countries. Some of the organizations represented among our visitors include the Citizen’s Coalition for Economic Justice, Networks for Green Transport, and the Korean Women’s Environmental Network.

All IVLP groups arrive first in Washington D.C., where they receive a federalism briefing. This particular IVLP group went to San Antonio, Texas, and then came to Portland, Oregon. Alli Magee, Program Officer with World Oregon, who coordinates IVLP activities in Oregon stated “the idea is to connect them with relevant professional resources while also showing the geographic, demographic, cultural, and political diversity of the United States”.

Research Into Action Vice President Marjorie McRae discussed the history of the company, corporate culture, and gave visitors a primer on social science research. Then, Senior Consultant Jordan Folks shared information about what makes Research Into Action a green company including employer incentives for alternative transportation, alternative recycling efforts, and our LEED building.

Sharon Loomis-Malin, Administrative and Human Resources Manager at Research Into Action was struck by the professionalism and focus of the IVLP group “They have a get-down-to-business culture. They were listening to interpretation, taking notes, and preparing questions all at the same time”. Research Into Action looks forward to more opportunities for culture sharing in the future.