Adam Wirtshafter, B.A.

Consultant 2

Adam Wirtshafter has over five years experience in the energy industry and applies his skills to a wide range of projects. He holds a B.A. in Political Science, with an emphasis in International Relations and Global Security from Penn State University. Activities include project management, data collection, energy policy and market research, conducting surveys/interviews, and performing statistical, cost-effectiveness, and spatial analysis.  He has experience managing projects for large scale utilities, conducting interviews with participant and nonparticipant building owners, designing and analyzing Geographic Information System projects, programming and analyzing surveys, producing data visualizations and other client facing materials.  He also has experience providing technical assistance to companies developing emerging technologies. Some of these activities include reviewing products and services offered by companies, assessing commercial readiness of these technologies, and developing recommendations. He has reviewed emerging technology grant applicant proposals and has provided technical evaluation and project management oversight of a number of demonstration projects.

Adam’s passions include traveling, hiking, soccer, golf, skiing, and a love for oldies music.