Benjamin Messer, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant 1

Benjamin is a research scientist who studies the relationships between energy, environmental, and natural resource issues and groups’ behaviors related to, attitudes toward, and knowledge of them. He has a passion for environmental inequalities and forms of environmentalism in the U.S. and globally; urban-rural interactions and community sustainability; and advances in research and survey methods, particularly use of the Internet and GIS.

Benjamin earned a Ph.D. in sociology from Washington State University, an M.A in sociology from Washington State University, and a B.S. in history, technology, and society from the Georgia Institute of Technology. For his Ph.D., he studied extensively with Dr. Don Dillman, an international authority in the development of modern mail, telephone, and Internet survey methods.

In his work, he’s driven by a strong environmental ethic to do as little harm to the earth as possible while maintaining a decent quality of life for all inhabitants, and a passion for the intersection of environmental science and behavioral science. Benn also served as President of Pacific Chapter of American Association for Public Opinion Research (PAPOR) in 2017.

In his spare time, he and his wife enjoy outdoor adventures of all kinds, traveling, volunteering, concerts, and plays.