Jen Loomis, Ph.D.

Consultant 3

Jen is a social scientist with a background in environmental sociology, qualitative interviewing and observational research, and social inequality. She received her Ph.D. from Portland State University, and M.A. and B.A. from Colorado State University, all in sociology.

She is an expert in residential and commercial energy efficiency, using her analytical and methodological expertise to conduct program evaluations for a higher rate of acceptance and application.

She is a distinguished author and presenter, and is a member of the Oregon Program Evaluator Network. Jen is fascinated by the study of energy use because it is not well-understood by the general population, yet is intricately interwoven into our lives.

She enjoys engaging in the research process to learn how societies can better harness and utilize energy in order to further sustainability. In her spare time, Jen gets outside as much as possible, enjoying Oregon’s beautiful beaches, rivers, and forests. She is also a loyal Denver Broncos fan, an accomplished baker, and a budding calligrapher.