Jordan Folks, M.S.

Senior Consultant 1

Jordan is a research scientist specializing in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. He lends his expertise to virtually all stages of the research process: developing in-depth interviews and web surveys; executing advanced statistical analyses using SPSS, R and Latent GOLD; contributing to reports; and overseeing project teams. Jordan’s expertise includes net-to-gross methodologies and analysis, which he has used to design survey questions and analysis plans, as well as to calculate free-ridership, spillover and net-to-gross values. He is passionate about environmental causes and has dedicated his career to helping solve the environmental problems we face today.

Jordan holds an M.S. in sociology from Portland State University, where he specialized in environmental sociology and research methodology, and a B.A. in sociology from the University of Central Oklahoma. During the summer, Jordan gets out in his kayak as often as possible. In the winter, he straps on his skis and heads for the slopes.